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Clorox, Sex and Dirty Bathrooms

Real Talk w/YourBeauty285

How is it possible for women in 2017, to brag about their oral sex performance, but yet their house is dirty?  They can do 365 tricks in the bedroom, but can’t make a bed up properly.  They can take a man’s soul, but can’t separate the white & colored clothes for laundry.  How is any of this possible?  How is it possible to rank sexual escapades high above, keeping the house clean?  Do you want to know how it’s possible?  Well I’ll tell you how.

It’s because their priorities are mixed up.  Among the younger generation (and some older ones) sex or rather the art of it, has been categorize as the ultimate goal.  It is seen as a proving piece to their worth.  Finally it’s because, the older women are still trying to get their groove back, instead of schooling their daughters, nieces, sisters and cousins.

Now this is not a blog post to bash the idea of enjoying sex, but it’s to offer a little advice.  Having a great sex life, is wonderful.  It’s one of the keys to having an awesome romantic relationship.  Through sex you are able to express how you feel about someone, on a physical, mental, and emotional level.   So….let’s get to the main subject of this post.  Now of course every man which has a sex drive, loves good sex.  Heck even if he doesn’t have a good one, he still loves good sex.  However, if you want more from the man besides his penis, (as a woman) you need to work on some other skills.  Giving a man the best sex should not be your only mission in life.  If he has dated for any amount of time, I’m sure he’s had more than enough rounds in the bedroom.  It is immature for you to learn how to perform certain sexual acts, yet you can’t remove the roaches out of your home.  That’s crazy!!  You have uninvited visitors running across your floor, and you’re trying to show him what you’re working with.  Are you serious?  Sweetheart, I want you to think about something.  If the man is so willing to lay up with you in your dirty house, there’s a great chance that he’s not about anything.  At all, which includes his hygiene.

Allow me to use myself as an example.  If my desk is all cluttered with paper, pens, peppermints, files, etc.  my workflow is halted.  I can’t comfortably concentrate on the task at hand.  Why?  Because everything is out of order.  Once I put everything in its proper place, then I can flow with ease.  That should be the same way with you.  You should not be able to comfortably lie with a man, and your home is unkept.  Just like I can work more easily with an organized desk, sex is better when the house is clean.  Seriously!  Your home is an extension of you.  I’m not saying that you have to be Betty Crocker, but there should be some cleanliness in your home.  Stop worrying about who you’re going to go out with next, and find out which store has some Clorox cleaner on sale.  If you don’t believe that a clean house will make for better sex and a better relationship, I dare you to try it!  Clean up your house before your man comes home, then watch what happens.  Both you and your man will feel great!  If he acts suspicious, just let him know that it was time for a change.  A real man will appreciate the change.  Perhaps he’ll finally invite his family over for dinner, or begin to take the relationship seriously.  Close your legs and open up a bottle of Clorox and start cleaning.

Was it to raw?  Oh well.  Sorry -not sorry



So They Never Call You…

This is going to be quick and to the point.  STOP BEING CONCERNED ABOUT PEOPLE, WHO ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT YOU!  Right there, as you read that sentence, you automatically thought of a few people, who never take any time for you.  It doesn’t matter if the person is a family member, friend, associate, co-worker or business partner.  You have grown tired of the on sided relationship, and it’s time to do something about it.

The simple solution for those types of persons, (in my opinion) is quite easy.  It is to stop calling, texting, and emailing them.  If you were a priority to them, they would call, text, or email you!  Even if you only communicate with the person, through social media.  This “rule” applies to them as well.  If they can never inbox you, like, or make a comment on your posts, but yet you’re always doing it for them – STOP.  Stop putting yourself out there for people who could care less about you.  Is it selfish?  NO!  Absolutely not.  It’s about putting yourself first.  Why should you do all the work?  You’re just as important, as they are.  Stop running after them, and let them miss you.  If and/or when they come back, don’t act surprised or pick up where you left off (and start chasing them again).  Keep doing you and if they prove to be worth your time, then allow them back in.  Otherwise continue living  your life, while being fabulous without them.

Enjoy your weekend!!




Give IT 2 him!!

One of the worst things a woman can do to a man, is hold out on him.  Yes I’m talking about sex.  Now of course I’m all about empowering women, but let’s take a look at one of the things; we as women do when we become mad.  Hopefully you’ll handle things differently.

So you’re mad at him and you have been for several weeks.  You decide to close your bakery/legs and not give him anything.  He can’t touch, taste or even look at it.  It’s closed down until further notice.  NEWS FLASH: you’re really not hurting him.  If he truly loves you, he may wait it out (by any many necessary), but you’re making it hard for him (no pun intended).  Nevertheless whether he loves you or not, soon or later he’s going to get tired of your games and go elsewhere.  No I’m not a supporter of cheating, but allow me to help you out.

Of course your feelings and what you’re going through is important.  Yet you have to understand that men are wired a little differently than women.  No sex doesn’t solve all of your problems, but it can serve as an icebreaker.  For instance, you can’t hold out on a man for several weeks and believe that when you’re ready to talk things out, he’s just going to open up and start talking.  I mean….you really can’t believe that.  Just like you have a need to verbally state what’s troubling you, he has a need of being physical/sexually active with you.  Please hear what I’m saying.  You can’t be so into “Women’s Right” and having your voice heard, that you just toss the man and his feelings out of the window.  That’s a double standard.  You’re smarter than that, you know how to negotiate.  Step back and see things from a different point of view.  No, you’re not letting him have his way, rather you’re giving him space to state his feelings.  Remember how I said that sex can be an icebreaker?  Well it can be for a committed couple.  The drop by night situations, it probably won’t work.  It’s just sex for him, plain & simple.

You can’t stop a man from cheating, but you can provide the environment for him to not want to cheat (if he’s thinking right).  Once you’ve taken care of him & the home, if he pulls up in someone else’s driveway, at least your hands are clean.  You are the Queen of your home, rule it well.  Just because you’re giving it to him, does not mean that you’re devaluing yourself.  Hopefully you’re getting some enjoyment out of it too. So in a closing nutshell, balance the silent treatments & the cookie.  Everything can’t be your way all of the time, and it can’t be his way all the time.  Stop the games, and come to some sort of agreement.  Plus you know you want him anyway.  Be the Queen you are, and make things work.



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Now just let that statement sink in.  In all honesty there’s not a lot to say, for the message is clear.  Yet for this blog, I will elaborate just a little.

How many times have you ran into a guy, who gave you that same line?  I can tell you from my personal experience, it’s been too many times.  Listen up ladies, if and when you cross paths with a guy, who gives you this line – run!!  Even if you’ve known him for a while, and he claims that he’s only involved with his wife for the sake of the kids, run!!  That line is as old as the United States of America.  I can’t think of anything good coming from a guy, who makes that statement.  Heck, I can’t even think of anything positive that the woman will receive.  Falling for that line is nothing but a heartbreak waiting to happen.

The guy is doing nothing but playing on the compassionate part of you, so that he will get what he wants from you.  Which in many cases, is nothing more than sex.  Yes I know it’s a shocker, but it’s true.  He’s really not that interested in you (as for a real relationship).  He’s just looking for another place to waste his seed.  Of course there’s always that one guy, who’s truly only in the marriage for the kids.  Still, it’s a heartbreak waiting to happen.  If you take the chance to get involved with him,  there’s a huge chance that your feelings will get in the way, and eventually you will want him to leave his family.  Once he makes it clear that he won’t leave his family, you won’t be happy.  If you’re really into him, let him do the marital separation on his own, without any input from you.  Back away and allow everything to be on him.

Now I understand, that there are married couples who are strictly in it; for the sake of the kids.  This particular post is not about them.  I’ll talk about that at another time.  Yet this post is about the men who knowingly lie, about their marital status just to get the affections of another woman.  Those are the types of dudes which make it hard for great guys, to have a chance.  They make it hard for the hurt woman to ever trust again.  Those types of guys ruin it for everyone.

Nevertheless ladies, you have something called intuition which will let you know when something is off. If you pay close attention, that internal alarm system when guide you in the opposite direction of heartbreak. It will save you.  It will save you from drowning in a pool of tears.  Stop settling for that line.  Your gut feelings are telling you, he’s full of it.  Run!!  It’s better to sleep alone, than to sleep with someone you can’t trust.  Plus, if you continue on with the married guy, in essence you’ll be sleeping alone anyway.  He’s going home to those innocent children, and a woman whom he’s legally married too.  When he’s not with you, he’s with her or someone else.  Is that really what you want?  Do you really believe that you deserve that?  You deserve better!  Don’t get caught up in his web of lies.  Save your best, for the guy who is not already attached.




It’s you or the ATM

It’s amazing how many men, think that most women, want their money.  You’d be surprised at the commentaries I read or conversations I hear.  Now it’s true that some women are professional gold diggers. They will dig into a guys pocket, to finance their entire lifestyle, and will do it without any ounce of remorse. This post is not about them!  Of course it’s nice to have a guy in your life, who will buy a present or two for the woman he loves.  Especially when she does so much for him.  However, a real woman is not looking for a man, to empty out his pockets every single week! A real woman wants the whole man!!!  Not his credit cards, extravagant trips, and ATM pin codes.  She can get that on her own, or do without it until later.

In my opinion, when a man is only dating and not committed/engaged/married to a woman, what’s in his pocket belongs to him.  Yes I know this may not be a popular topic or statement, but it’s something to think about.  Many women have placed their lives in danger or have lost their lives, simply by “playing a man” for his money.  They knew (from the beginning) that there wasn’t any real interest in the man.  Yet because he had great financial records, drove a nice car, and rubbed elbows with some of society’s elite, they dated the man.  Once the man finds out; she has played him, he goes ballistic!

Listen…..No one wants to feel used!!  It’s one of the most crappiest feelings in the world!  To have given your all in a situation, then to have someone step on it, doesn’t feel good at all.  Sad to say, I can somewhat understand why some guys become upset.  They were thinking that the relationship was going somewhere, only to find out; that in reality they were a human ATM!  Money has its role in everything.  It’s impossible to live without it.  Nevertheless I remain by my guns, and say that it shouldn’t be, the main reason for dating someone.

Consider these tips:

  • Whatever you were doing and however you were surviving before he came along, should still be a reality while dating him.  Don’t allow him to cosign anything, that you’re not willing to relinquish if the relationship doesn’t work out.
  • IF he so chooses to pay your bill, or just give you money, let that be completely on him. Not because you have your hand out, all of the time.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with him showing his interest, by lavishing you sometimes.  Just let him do it.  Make it perfectly clear where you stand.
  • If you’re not totally interested in him, leave him alone.  Don’t play games with a man’s heart. Because in the end, you may be the one to suffer (in a way you least expected).
  • Let him go, find what you like, and keep peace in your life.


Ms. Collins/YourBeauty285

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