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$5 Match Maker


Yes you have read the title correctly. For just $5, you can start heading; in the right relationship way. It’s a new year, and you need a new boo!!

No matter what app, you chose to operate on, your introduction can be created(for $5)! Your notifications will start buzzing soon!!! Get in on this introductory writing rates. Become familiar with my chosen writing style, through these $5 offers.

You can’t beat $5!



Just For The Weekend

Well it’s the 12th day of the new year, and I’m offering something special to you.


For this weekend (Saturday -1/13 & Sunday -1/14), I’m creating Introductions for dating profiles, for only $5!!!  Yes, you have read it correctly.  ONLY $5 (500 word maximum)!

Order this weekend, for the 24 hour turnaround.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and it would be great to spend it with someone special.  Besides that, you deserve to date someone special.  Allow me to create the perfect introduction, for your online dating account.  Just fill out the form below (it will come directly to me), and let’s get started on your profile.  


Dating Apps Gone Wrong?

Are you seemingly on every dating app out there?  Merely trying to connect with right one?  Yet you keep running into the ones whom you’re not compatible with?  Well I can help you!  Instead of spending time, wondering if someone will swipe your picture or send you a message, you need to update your profile.  A picture can say a thousands words, but the right words can make sense of it all.  It’s time to land the perfect person for you.

Say goodbye to wasted time, scrolling through the app!  Contact me today to edit or create your dating profile.  Your significant other is on the other side of your new, and improved profile.  Prices start at $10.  Most orders have a 24 hour turnaround window.   Send a message and place your order today.

**Your privacy is guaranteed.  All information is used solely for said service (dating app).