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Insecurities….report to the front desk!!

The other day, I posted this photo of myself featuring my new product.  The product is all about self-love. In particularly, for my African-American sisters to not be ashamed of their skin tone, rather to embrace it.  I added my selfie picture to it, to display my own self confidence.  After posting the pic, I took a second and third look at it.  Only to notice that my under-eye area was kind of dark.  Now although I believe and KNOW that I’m a beautiful person, I want to share something with you.  Many women who deal with low self-esteem (after reading this post), will see themselves in a better “light.”

I could type out an entire paragraph, explaining the cause for my dark under-eye area, or I could just ignore it.  However I want to focus on something else.  Before mentioning the under-eye area, you probably didn’t even notice it.  Which is the same case for many of you.  Most times people don’t even notice the things, that you pay attention to.  It’s not because they could careless.  Yet it’s because their focus is elsewhere.  Their attention could be towards something that they like, and you’re drawing them into something YOU’RE uncomfortable with.  As I normally do, let’s flip this conversation towards relationships.


You’re complaining about being too short, too tall, the size of your breasts, the thickness of your thighs, your smile, your forehead, etc.  The person who’s interested in you, may or may not have noticed those things.  Nevertheless, you’re bringing his attention towards it.  Listen honey, let me help you out!  A grown man won’t waste his time, if he didn’t find something attractive about you.  He would just keep it moving. Whatever you think is an area of lack, could be a plus for him!  Your thighs could be the very thing he wants, after a long day of work.  Your forehead could be the very place he wants to plant his kiss.  Stop diminishing yourself.  It’s possible that over time you may have become comfortable with negativity.

However….I dare you to start becoming comfortable with yourself.  Some things you can’t change, and if you could it would it be worth it?  Accept who you are!!  Love yourself!  Somebody somewhere is wishing for the very thing you hate about yourself.  You’re upset about the size of your breast?  There’s someone battling breast cancer, who would love to have healthy breast of ANY SIZE.  You’re upset about the size of your lips? Someone is going under the knife, to get what you naturally have.  You’re upset about your skin tone? You’re beautiful – enough said!!  Stop allowing negative thoughts to feed your self-esteem.  If he thought enough to talk to you, well evidently there is something wonderful about you!!!  Even if no one has stepped to you in a while, that’s okay.  Because you’re still awesome!  Leave your insecurities at the front office.  Walk through the halls of Beauty & Strength, with your head held high.  Knowing that you deserve to be there, because there’s not another person like you.






Take it in….breathe deep, and realize, it gets better from here!  


You survived!!  What should have taken you out, didn’t!  Many women did not make it.  Some are still in it, yet…..you made it.  Was it easy?  No.  However, that never stopped you- you made it!

I keep saying “you made it” for a reason.  The reason is so you won’t forget, that through it all – you survived.  Whatever was sent to break you, couldn’t do it.  Yes, some things may have cracked your masterpiece, but you’re still beautifully standing.

Of course you may think/say to yourself, “I’m still in it.  I haven’t seen the light of day yet!  I’m about to loose my mind!  I don’t know how much more I can take!”  Look at that picture above.  The person who took the picture wasn’t sitting on a porch, enjoying a glass of lemonade.  Nor was he or she, fully submerged in the waters.  I’m willing to believe that the person was just above the waters, just enough to capture that picture of the sun setting.  The person caught a moment, which many wish to capture.   There’s beauty in the setting of the sun.  While some may see it as the ending of great day, some may see it as the beginning of something great.

Going back to the person who captured the picture, who’s to say that their circumstances where of comfort, while taking the picture?  It is very well possible that the waters were frigid.  It’s possible that they have been wearied all day, from trying to catch that picture – which would satisfy the artist within them.  The negative scenarios are endless.  Nevertheless,  none of what could have went wrong, is captured in this picture.  Now back to you….

You may still be in that situation.  Everything around you may be giving you hints of defeat.  But the fact that you’re reading this, is a sign that things can get better.  Nothing lasts forever.  Nothing!!!  So with that being said… It is my prayer that from this day forward, you will be able to catch little glimpse of light.  Catch the glimpse and hold onto them.  Hold on and know,  that it’s going to get better for you.  You may have been physically abused, emotionally damaged, sexually and/or verbally assaulted, etc.  But you’re here! You’re still breathing, and that’s something to celebrate.  You’re going to make it.  You’re going to come out!  You may be SCARRED – but those SCARS are turning into your BEAUTY MARKS.


Ms. Collins/NancyCollins285

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