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Facebook News – Ladies Edition!!

Hello ladies!!  This is for you!!  Every week (for entertainment purpose) I post “FB News” on my PERSONAL Facebook page.  It’s all in fun, yet informative. Lol  So I’m sharing this with you, to brighten up your day!!  Feel free to laugh, like, and even share this post (just don’t forget to give me the credit)!!

#LadiesEdition – In FB news brought to you by Nancy L. Collins:

1) We’ve been faking it for years. #ItsNecessary#GoldenGlobeAndEmmyAwardWinning
2) If we say that we love you just the way you are – believe it.#UnlessItsASideChic….#YouCantReallyTrustThemThatMuch
3) Tell the truth on important issues!! Know when to lie to us (new hair do, weight, our attitude, etc.).   
4) We have our own way of cooking. Stop telling us how your mother does it.#EatItOrGoToYourMomsHouse
5) We know when you’re up to something.#WePayAttention#YouAintFoolinUs #AWomansIntuition
6) If we say “Forget It/Nevermind/Don’t Worry About it”…understand that you can’t be saved. #ItsASetUp
7) It’s okay for you to help around the house.
8) We’re really not that interested in CNN or social media at night.#YouMessedUpAndWeAreMad ….#SoGoToSleep
9) Just like you don’t like our makeup, we don’t like your beer cans, cigars, line up, hair cut, & friends..but we #Adjust.
10) We don’t compete with your mother or past girlfriends.
11) It is a complete turn on, when our man take charge. 
12) Next week it’s all about the fellas! I’ve done my research! Lol  




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