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It’s your time -IT’S YOUR BOOK!

We’re almost at the end of the year, and you have not written your book yet!!  What’s holding you back?  Is it because, you don’t have enough time in the day?  Are you constantly being stretched between; working 10-12 hours a day, taking care of the family, and volunteering in the community?  Well allow me to take on the role of writing for you!  Whether you already have something written, or don’t know where to start.  I can assist you.  While you conquer the world, I’ll be behind the scenes writing the story that’s waiting to be read.

Believe it or not, someone is waiting on you to tell your story.  Don’t allow 2017 to come to an end, with your ideal story still buried within your mind.  It’s time for your book to be on Amazon’s website!  As well as on the bookshelves of Barnes & Nobles.

Contact me today, if you’re looking for a creative ghostwriter, who will have your work done in a timely and creative fashion.

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So They Never Call You…

This is going to be quick and to the point.  STOP BEING CONCERNED ABOUT PEOPLE, WHO ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT YOU!  Right there, as you read that sentence, you automatically thought of a few people, who never take any time for you.  It doesn’t matter if the person is a family member, friend, associate, co-worker or business partner.  You have grown tired of the on sided relationship, and it’s time to do something about it.

The simple solution for those types of persons, (in my opinion) is quite easy.  It is to stop calling, texting, and emailing them.  If you were a priority to them, they would call, text, or email you!  Even if you only communicate with the person, through social media.  This “rule” applies to them as well.  If they can never inbox you, like, or make a comment on your posts, but yet you’re always doing it for them – STOP.  Stop putting yourself out there for people who could care less about you.  Is it selfish?  NO!  Absolutely not.  It’s about putting yourself first.  Why should you do all the work?  You’re just as important, as they are.  Stop running after them, and let them miss you.  If and/or when they come back, don’t act surprised or pick up where you left off (and start chasing them again).  Keep doing you and if they prove to be worth your time, then allow them back in.  Otherwise continue living  your life, while being fabulous without them.

Enjoy your weekend!!




Stop Licking Up Spilled Milk

You can’t or rather you should not, cry over spilled milk.  Why?  Because once it’s spilled there’s nothing you can do about it.  It would be unsanitary to mop up the milk, and squeeze it back into the glass.  Just like the purpose would be defeated for you, if you licked up the milk from the floor.  The best thing you can do, is wipe up the spilled milk, and go pour you a fresh glass of milk.

Too many times we spend the days of our lives, mourning over something that happened in the past.  Some people get to the point, of where they become ill, due to them mourning over a situation. Unlike the fictional movies, none of us can go back in time.  The only thing which can be done, is to move forward!!  Move forward with the newly gained knowledge and apply it to your life.  Wipe up the spilled milk before it’s too late!!  In other words, GET OVER IT and do so in a hurry!  You get over it by counting it as a loss, and a learning tool.  Just like spilled milk, if you don’t get over it, the situation will become sour.  It will stink and everyone will know it.  The spilled sour milk in your life will begin to smell, in your attitude, how you deal with people, your business, etc.  For example, if you never got over a bad relationship decision, you’ll find yourself rating every guy based on your last decision.  Which will in turn, keep you from seeing the right guy that’s in front of you.

Personally I have gotten to the point of not crying over spilled milk, a missed opportunity, & mistakes, after a certain time period.  I don’t want to miss what’s next for me.  I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that what I would’ve had, came down my street, and I totally missed!!!  Nothing is promised to repeat itself. So grab life by the horns (yes I’ve made that statement before)!!  If you miss one opportunity, create another one.  Don’t wait for it!  Create it!!  Let the goals you’re working on today, replace every glass of spilled milk in your life.  Better is right around the corner, only after you clean up that spilled milk!




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Fiverr Prices, Quality Service


Let’s be honest.  You’re down to the last week in June.  You have yet to write an interesting blog post, or book. Before you know it, fireworks will be going off and everyone’s cheerful, as 2018 comes rolling in!!  You’ve been talking about your project since, January.  What’s the hold up?  What’s keeping you back?  Are you too busy to get it started?  Or are you low on finances?  Whatever the case may be, I’m here to help you!  I’ve been there.  Allow me to assist you, with your book, blog, etc.  Use the low prices I’m offering on Fiverr, to get a sense of my services. 
Trust me, the prices are extremely low. Yet the quality of work, is beyond your expectation!  Contact me today, for your next writing project. Creative writing is NOT a hobby for me. It’s my passion.

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No Support, Is Support

Ladies & Gentlemen: Entrepreneurs from all walks of life…..

May I have your attention?

Listen, I can’t stress this enough, because I’m constantly stressing it to myself!!!  DON’T LOOK FOR YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS, TO BE THE BREAD & BUTTER OF YOUR COMPANY. In many cases they will be the LAST to support you – and that’s okay. Look at it like this: At least you don’t have to worry about the constant “hookups, and I’ll pay you later” kind of conversations. I’m finding the “groove” in what I do, and people are responding. DON’T become discouraged because family, friends & associates won’t hit the “like” button. Worry when folks are not sending money to your Paypal (or another cash app) to push your vision forward.  

You have so much to offer the world, with your products and/or ideas.  So why are you focusing on who’s NOT supporting you?  Listen, Walmart is a very well known retail chain here in the United States.  Yet I’m pretty sure, many of their customers are not related to the CEO or President.  Walmart is not a successful company, because it has relied on friends and family members to shop there.  The company is successful because it figured out what the average person needed and/or wanted.  Their target group, desired convenience, name brand products, a store which provides EVERYTHING, and all for a low price.  The retail chain has become so popular, that it is in every major city; across the United States.

So what am I saying?  Find your niche’ or groove, find out what you’re good at, find your target group (group of people that need/want what you’re selling), and go from there!!  Stop worrying about who’s not interested, and look for the ones who are!!!  I had to learn that lesson.  Too much time is wasted on people who will (possibly) NEVER like what you have to offer, or you for that matter!!  Move on without them.  There are approximately 7 billion people in the world.  Stop worrying about the few people on your social media timeline, your “friends” & family members.  If you keep looking at what they’re NOT doing, you’re going to miss the ones who want to support you.  The ones you’re meant to do business with. Become focused and watch your profits begin to increase.



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From Full Lips to Blue Pens

Over the past few weeks, I have struggled with something.  This struggle involved my business.  Allow me to explain.  Before becoming a Freelance Creative Writer, I was known as the Avon Lady.  Now hold on, what I’m about to say, is in no way  – “Throwing Shade.”  I’m not bashing the company.  Just stating some facts, from my point of view.  In reality, I learned a lot from being the Avon Lady.  As a matter of fact, I still use & sell the products, and will continue to do so.  My struggle though had nothing to do with the quality or pricing of the Avon products.  What I was dealing with, had everything to do, with where I was going.

Being a Sales Representative for the company, allowed me to get my feet wet in business.  It showed me how it would feel to be my own boss.  Great connections were made and I learned a lot of lessons (some good, some bad).  Plus I was able to stock up, on some of my favorite fragrances & lotions.  All of those things were great.  Yet I still felt as if, I wasn’t fully living up to my potential.  One of my true passions is writing.  I love to write!!  I can recall being a little girl, and practicing my handwriting techniques by constantly writing out the full names to my Barbie doll collections.  Yes….I gave all 75 of them full names!  When my professors would call for a paper on a personal interest subject, or even a predetermined topic, most times I would receive a B+ or higher.  If I received a C, it was because certain notations were missing.  Not because the content was average.  As a matter of fact, one of my professors, assured me that I would be successful, if I continued on with my creative writings.  So….along with my passion to see women rise above their yesterday, I began to fuel my vision through writing. Continue reading