Archive | February 13, 2018

Paparazzi Frenzy

I AM SO…….EXCITED!!!!  I have just become a Paparazzi Indep. Consultant!!  

I love to be fashionable and make heads turn when I walk in the room.  From the not-so normal hair colors, to my wide hips, I’m the type of chick who enjoys a great entrance!  However, you can’t enjoy/own the entrance looking like you’re sleep!  You must be fabulous.  This is where companies like Paparazzi comes in.

With Paparazzi each piece is ONLY $5!!!  I’m talking about fabulous, colorful pieces to go with every outfit imaginable.  You can be all glitz and glamour, or rustic and outdoors.  Yet you will look and feel fabulous.  I have jewelry pieces for EVERY outfit and occasion.  I absolutely love putting together pieces, and helping others bring theirs together too.

Trust me, you can be fabulous while only spending $5 on each piece – I PROMISE YOU!!!  Each week I will present to my customers, the new pieces that will be available.  Once again, everything is only $5 – you can’t beat $5!!  So take a look at my website now to see what’s available, and stay connected to see each week’s new product lineup.

This year, with my help – you’re going to look &  feel  fabulous ……for ONLY $5!!