Snoop Dogg has a Twin!

Calvin Broadus, known as Snoop Dogg

Over the weekend, rap artist Snoop Dogg premiered his new gospel album (set to be released on March 16th), on BET’s Gospel Superbowl Celebration.  While many waited in anticipation to see the performance, there were many who were not as excited.  The album is called Bible Of Love.

Everyone knows Snoop Dogg as the rap artist, who loves to smoke weed.  Over the years, many have not liked his choice of  song lyrics, while others raved it.  Because of his past not being kosher, many people crucified his attempt to sing/rap gospel.  Everything from “he’s not taking this role serious” to “he should not be singing unto my God” was spread across various social media platforms.  As I watched and even gave my 2 cents of why he should sing/rap gospel music, a simple thought came to my mind.  The thought that,  based on this weekend, Snoop represents us.  For this weekend, we are his twin.  He represented what it is like, to try and move on in life, when people know your background.

The harsh criticism proved that although, some people will say that they want you to change, many times they’re not ready for it.

When you actually begin the process of changing, some people (you know and those that know of you), will fight against you.  The premier of Snoop’s Gospel album, proved my statement.  Many folks can’t seem to get pass his use of marijuana, former lyrics, and said business activity with pornography.  Yet many of those same persons, want folks to go to church with them, praise God on a daily basis, develop a relationship with God, and stop doing ungodly things.  How is any of that possible, when the person who’s trying to change, gets kicked for doing so?  Now of course I’m not saying that Snoop is a saint.  However I am saying that he has every right to praise God.  In one of his songs, he spoke about how his grandmother said; that he would be a preacher.  Maybe this gospel album is a step in the right direction.  Who knows?  Nevertheless he deserves a chance to worship God!  In a way that’s pleasing to God, and comfortable for him.  Whether or  not people support his move, Snoop is still going on with this new venture.  I’m almost sure, that when he decided to make this album, folks close to him were negative.  Yet he still did it.

The same scenario goes for you.   Just like Snoop did, you are going to have to push through all of the negativity, and become the person you desire to be.  Everyone won’t understand it, they won’t like it, and may stop talking to you!  So what!!  It’s not about them.  This move you are attempting to make, is about you and/or yours.  You don’t have to explain anything to anyone.  Just do whatever you have to do – this year, and let the comments fall where they may.  For a short while, you are Snoop’s twin!

With that said, whatever moves you make, can you be satisfied with them?




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