Archive | February 2, 2018

You have 30 Days!

So he hurt you.  He gave you one of the biggest disappointments, to ever come your way (in a long time).  You thought the two of you, would be together forever.  Well sweetheart you were wrong.  Everything that you thought; he wouldn’t be, has become a reality.  So what are you going to do now?

Well you can take 10 years to get over it, or you can set a more reasonable time of grievance.  Yes I said grievance.  It’s perfectly okay to grieve, for someone you were once in a relationship with.  Yet, (not to sound cruel) there should be a time limit set in place.  It shouldn’t take you forever, to get over him!!  Listen, while you’re investing in tissue companies, the former love of your life has moved on!  Whether you think he’s happy or miserable, doesn’t mean anything.  The fact is, HE HAS MOVED ON, and YOU SHOULD TOO!!

I titled this blog post “You have 30 days” because it’s in correlation to moving on.  Biblically speaking, God allowed the children on Israel to grieve for 30 days – which is a whole month.  So guess what, if God thought 30 days was good for them, then it’s going to be good for you.  You need to make it good for you!!  Oh yes, I get it, you have known that man for a while. I understand.  However, at some point you have to make the attempt to move forward with your life.  You can’t go into depression, because he walked away.  Cry your tears, vent, throw a paper airplane, then pick yourself up and move forward.  You can’t make someone love you.  You can’t make someone stay.  Life is a revolving door.  If & when someone wants to leave, let them!  Don’t hold him back, and stop begging for them to come back.  Let him go!!

Give it some time.  You’ll meet someone new.  Or better yet, take this time to love yourself a little bit more.  Take a road trip.  Pick up a new hobby that you’ve been wanting to try out.  Remodel your home.  Just take the time to discover you!!!  Do all of those things and then some.  That way when the next guy presents himself to you, you’ll be whole.

Last note:

Stop wasting your time trying to get someone to see your worth.  Move on.  Don’t keep allowing your heart to be hurt.  It’s tough to move on, but one day you’ll look back and will be glad you did.