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It’s your time -IT’S YOUR BOOK!

We’re almost at the end of the year, and you have not written your book yet!!  What’s holding you back?  Is it because, you don’t have enough time in the day?  Are you constantly being stretched between; working 10-12 hours a day, taking care of the family, and volunteering in the community?  Well allow me to take on the role of writing for you!  Whether you already have something written, or don’t know where to start.  I can assist you.  While you conquer the world, I’ll be behind the scenes writing the story that’s waiting to be read.

Believe it or not, someone is waiting on you to tell your story.  Don’t allow 2017 to come to an end, with your ideal story still buried within your mind.  It’s time for your book to be on Amazon’s website!  As well as on the bookshelves of Barnes & Nobles.

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Clorox, Sex and Dirty Bathrooms

Real Talk w/YourBeauty285

How is it possible for women in 2017, to brag about their oral sex performance, but yet their house is dirty?  They can do 365 tricks in the bedroom, but can’t make a bed up properly.  They can take a man’s soul, but can’t separate the white & colored clothes for laundry.  How is any of this possible?  How is it possible to rank sexual escapades high above, keeping the house clean?  Do you want to know how it’s possible?  Well I’ll tell you how.

It’s because their priorities are mixed up.  Among the younger generation (and some older ones) sex or rather the art of it, has been categorize as the ultimate goal.  It is seen as a proving piece to their worth.  Finally it’s because, the older women are still trying to get their groove back, instead of schooling their daughters, nieces, sisters and cousins.

Now this is not a blog post to bash the idea of enjoying sex, but it’s to offer a little advice.  Having a great sex life, is wonderful.  It’s one of the keys to having an awesome romantic relationship.  Through sex you are able to express how you feel about someone, on a physical, mental, and emotional level.   So….let’s get to the main subject of this post.  Now of course every man which has a sex drive, loves good sex.  Heck even if he doesn’t have a good one, he still loves good sex.  However, if you want more from the man besides his penis, (as a woman) you need to work on some other skills.  Giving a man the best sex should not be your only mission in life.  If he has dated for any amount of time, I’m sure he’s had more than enough rounds in the bedroom.  It is immature for you to learn how to perform certain sexual acts, yet you can’t remove the roaches out of your home.  That’s crazy!!  You have uninvited visitors running across your floor, and you’re trying to show him what you’re working with.  Are you serious?  Sweetheart, I want you to think about something.  If the man is so willing to lay up with you in your dirty house, there’s a great chance that he’s not about anything.  At all, which includes his hygiene.

Allow me to use myself as an example.  If my desk is all cluttered with paper, pens, peppermints, files, etc.  my workflow is halted.  I can’t comfortably concentrate on the task at hand.  Why?  Because everything is out of order.  Once I put everything in its proper place, then I can flow with ease.  That should be the same way with you.  You should not be able to comfortably lie with a man, and your home is unkept.  Just like I can work more easily with an organized desk, sex is better when the house is clean.  Seriously!  Your home is an extension of you.  I’m not saying that you have to be Betty Crocker, but there should be some cleanliness in your home.  Stop worrying about who you’re going to go out with next, and find out which store has some Clorox cleaner on sale.  If you don’t believe that a clean house will make for better sex and a better relationship, I dare you to try it!  Clean up your house before your man comes home, then watch what happens.  Both you and your man will feel great!  If he acts suspicious, just let him know that it was time for a change.  A real man will appreciate the change.  Perhaps he’ll finally invite his family over for dinner, or begin to take the relationship seriously.  Close your legs and open up a bottle of Clorox and start cleaning.

Was it to raw?  Oh well.  Sorry -not sorry



To be Organic Or Not

It’s no surprise that grocery stores in 2017, have become totally different from grocery stores of yesterday. Today we’re faced with more frozen food selections, and processed items than ever before.  I can recall (as a 70’s baby) growing up in the 80’s & 90’s, with my grandmothers having their own gardens full of vegetables.  It was a chore for me to help out in the garden, snapping peas and what not.  Yet I don’t recall being a sickly child.  My grandmother on my dad’s side, made sure my cousins and I ate vegetables everyday.  While on the other hand, my grandmother on my mother’s side, spoiled me with cake.  I had a balanced diet for sure!  As well, my parents made sure that my choice of fast foods, were extremely limited.  I may have not liked the healthy choices, but it worked for me.  It kept me out of the doctor’s office.  The very first time I became sick with the flu, was after I graduated from high school.

With many parents working crazy hours, and being away from home for at least 12 hours, it’s no wonder that our families are suffering with debilitating diseases.  Most foods that we consume, has some percentage of chemicals in it.  Yes that includes the fruits and vegetables.  The very choice of food that is deemed healthy for us.  The chemicals come from the manufacturing of fruits and vegetables.  We won’t even talk about the meat, in this post.  Moving on, there is no way that a summer fruit such as strawberry, should be available in December.  No way!!  However, in today’s society you can get any fruit your taste buds desires, because the fruits (and veggies) have been modified.  In other words, created somewhere in a laboratory.  It’s common sense.  If for many years, a food has been known to be at it’s ripest during the summer months, and then all of sudden it’s ripe and ready in December, something is off.

So now we as consumers are stuck with the choice of deciding which produce is organic or not.  The only possible way to determine that, is to grow the foods in our backyards.  However many of us don’t have the luxury of having a back yard.  So what do you do, when shopping for the best fruits and vegetables?  Do you just give up all together, take vitamins and hope for a better outcome?  No and no!  The best advice I can give you is to pray over your food, and do your best to stick with food items that are close to how nature intended.

We may can’t pick all of our fruits and vegetables, but we can pray and prepare them for consumption in the best possible way.  I encourage you (as I encourage myself), to not give up the idea of healthy eating.  Keep adding the right foods to your diet, and eliminate the ones which will send you to the pharmacy or grave sooner.



So They Never Call You…

This is going to be quick and to the point.  STOP BEING CONCERNED ABOUT PEOPLE, WHO ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT YOU!  Right there, as you read that sentence, you automatically thought of a few people, who never take any time for you.  It doesn’t matter if the person is a family member, friend, associate, co-worker or business partner.  You have grown tired of the on sided relationship, and it’s time to do something about it.

The simple solution for those types of persons, (in my opinion) is quite easy.  It is to stop calling, texting, and emailing them.  If you were a priority to them, they would call, text, or email you!  Even if you only communicate with the person, through social media.  This “rule” applies to them as well.  If they can never inbox you, like, or make a comment on your posts, but yet you’re always doing it for them – STOP.  Stop putting yourself out there for people who could care less about you.  Is it selfish?  NO!  Absolutely not.  It’s about putting yourself first.  Why should you do all the work?  You’re just as important, as they are.  Stop running after them, and let them miss you.  If and/or when they come back, don’t act surprised or pick up where you left off (and start chasing them again).  Keep doing you and if they prove to be worth your time, then allow them back in.  Otherwise continue living  your life, while being fabulous without them.

Enjoy your weekend!!




Dating Apps Gone Wrong?

Are you seemingly on every dating app out there?  Merely trying to connect with right one?  Yet you keep running into the ones whom you’re not compatible with?  Well I can help you!  Instead of spending time, wondering if someone will swipe your picture or send you a message, you need to update your profile.  A picture can say a thousands words, but the right words can make sense of it all.  It’s time to land the perfect person for you.

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