Archive | August 10, 2017


Now just let that statement sink in.  In all honesty there’s not a lot to say, for the message is clear.  Yet for this blog, I will elaborate just a little.

How many times have you ran into a guy, who gave you that same line?  I can tell you from my personal experience, it’s been too many times.  Listen up ladies, if and when you cross paths with a guy, who gives you this line – run!!  Even if you’ve known him for a while, and he claims that he’s only involved with his wife for the sake of the kids, run!!  That line is as old as the United States of America.  I can’t think of anything good coming from a guy, who makes that statement.  Heck, I can’t even think of anything positive that the woman will receive.  Falling for that line is nothing but a heartbreak waiting to happen.

The guy is doing nothing but playing on the compassionate part of you, so that he will get what he wants from you.  Which in many cases, is nothing more than sex.  Yes I know it’s a shocker, but it’s true.  He’s really not that interested in you (as for a real relationship).  He’s just looking for another place to waste his seed.  Of course there’s always that one guy, who’s truly only in the marriage for the kids.  Still, it’s a heartbreak waiting to happen.  If you take the chance to get involved with him,  there’s a huge chance that your feelings will get in the way, and eventually you will want him to leave his family.  Once he makes it clear that he won’t leave his family, you won’t be happy.  If you’re really into him, let him do the marital separation on his own, without any input from you.  Back away and allow everything to be on him.

Now I understand, that there are married couples who are strictly in it; for the sake of the kids.  This particular post is not about them.  I’ll talk about that at another time.  Yet this post is about the men who knowingly lie, about their marital status just to get the affections of another woman.  Those are the types of dudes which make it hard for great guys, to have a chance.  They make it hard for the hurt woman to ever trust again.  Those types of guys ruin it for everyone.

Nevertheless ladies, you have something called intuition which will let you know when something is off. If you pay close attention, that internal alarm system when guide you in the opposite direction of heartbreak. It will save you.  It will save you from drowning in a pool of tears.  Stop settling for that line.  Your gut feelings are telling you, he’s full of it.  Run!!  It’s better to sleep alone, than to sleep with someone you can’t trust.  Plus, if you continue on with the married guy, in essence you’ll be sleeping alone anyway.  He’s going home to those innocent children, and a woman whom he’s legally married too.  When he’s not with you, he’s with her or someone else.  Is that really what you want?  Do you really believe that you deserve that?  You deserve better!  Don’t get caught up in his web of lies.  Save your best, for the guy who is not already attached.