Living in Wellness

A few weeks ago I made the decision to gain my health back.  About 4 years ago I traveled down the road to better eating habits, and it turned out great for me.  To able to fit into a pair of cute flared white pants was epic for me!!!  It was a goal of mine, which came to pass.  However, soon after I accomplished that goal, I got off that road.  I became comfortable with the then current weight loss, and stop doing the necessary things to keep it up.  Isn’t it funny or rather crazy, how we can fight for something and then once it’s achieved, we become complacent with it?  That’s very much so weird, yet so common.  Anyway, I slowly started adding back the same foods to my “diet”, that I should have stayed away from.  Instead of having a long-term goal, I had a temporary goal idea.

One of the lessons I learned from that experience is that, the Comfort Zone is a dangerous place.  Once you’re there, it will keep you longer than you want to stay. Being in the comfort zone, will have you misplace the important things in life.  It will have you overlooking things, which you should have noticed a long time ago.  What’s important to you will be left on life support, and you’ll be scrambling around trying to rescue it. I realized that I was scrambling around, when my cute white pants no longer fit my shape.  When my shirts & blouses started fitting tighter around my hips, and that was a no, no for me!!

No longer can you & I afford, to allow corporations & industries to choose what foods are best for us. Because based on the amount of fast food places popping up, our health is not of their concern.  We must begin to take charge of our own bodies!  From our sleep schedules, to how much and how often we eat, we must begin to change!  I plan on being around here for a long time.  Yet in order to see that happen, changing my food choices is the first step.  I encourage you today (as I encourage myself), if you haven’t already done so, begin to take charge of the wellness of your body.  Don’t allow this year to come to an end, and you’re still lying to yourself about going to the gym.  Start with what goes into your grocery cart and ultimately into your fridge & on your plates.  It’s a hard task but you can do it!!  We can do it!!  You won’t see the results over night, but you’ll begin feeling them “overnight.”  Let’s hold onto the bodies that we have and take care of it.  In the long run, our bodies will thank us.  “Take care of your body, and it’ll take of you” – that’s one of my new motto’s.  Wish me the best as I’m wishing the same for you!!




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