No Support, Is Support

Ladies & Gentlemen: Entrepreneurs from all walks of life…..

May I have your attention?

Listen, I can’t stress this enough, because I’m constantly stressing it to myself!!!  DON’T LOOK FOR YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS, TO BE THE BREAD & BUTTER OF YOUR COMPANY. In many cases they will be the LAST to support you – and that’s okay. Look at it like this: At least you don’t have to worry about the constant “hookups, and I’ll pay you later” kind of conversations. I’m finding the “groove” in what I do, and people are responding. DON’T become discouraged because family, friends & associates won’t hit the “like” button. Worry when folks are not sending money to your Paypal (or another cash app) to push your vision forward.  

You have so much to offer the world, with your products and/or ideas.  So why are you focusing on who’s NOT supporting you?  Listen, Walmart is a very well known retail chain here in the United States.  Yet I’m pretty sure, many of their customers are not related to the CEO or President.  Walmart is not a successful company, because it has relied on friends and family members to shop there.  The company is successful because it figured out what the average person needed and/or wanted.  Their target group, desired convenience, name brand products, a store which provides EVERYTHING, and all for a low price.  The retail chain has become so popular, that it is in every major city; across the United States.

So what am I saying?  Find your niche’ or groove, find out what you’re good at, find your target group (group of people that need/want what you’re selling), and go from there!!  Stop worrying about who’s not interested, and look for the ones who are!!!  I had to learn that lesson.  Too much time is wasted on people who will (possibly) NEVER like what you have to offer, or you for that matter!!  Move on without them.  There are approximately 7 billion people in the world.  Stop worrying about the few people on your social media timeline, your “friends” & family members.  If you keep looking at what they’re NOT doing, you’re going to miss the ones who want to support you.  The ones you’re meant to do business with. Become focused and watch your profits begin to increase.



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