From Full Lips to Blue Pens

Over the past few weeks, I have struggled with something.  This struggle involved my business.  Allow me to explain.  Before becoming a Freelance Creative Writer, I was known as the Avon Lady.  Now hold on, what I’m about to say, is in no way  – “Throwing Shade.”  I’m not bashing the company.  Just stating some facts, from my point of view.  In reality, I learned a lot from being the Avon Lady.  As a matter of fact, I still use & sell the products, and will continue to do so.  My struggle though had nothing to do with the quality or pricing of the Avon products.  What I was dealing with, had everything to do, with where I was going.

Being a Sales Representative for the company, allowed me to get my feet wet in business.  It showed me how it would feel to be my own boss.  Great connections were made and I learned a lot of lessons (some good, some bad).  Plus I was able to stock up, on some of my favorite fragrances & lotions.  All of those things were great.  Yet I still felt as if, I wasn’t fully living up to my potential.  One of my true passions is writing.  I love to write!!  I can recall being a little girl, and practicing my handwriting techniques by constantly writing out the full names to my Barbie doll collections.  Yes….I gave all 75 of them full names!  When my professors would call for a paper on a personal interest subject, or even a predetermined topic, most times I would receive a B+ or higher.  If I received a C, it was because certain notations were missing.  Not because the content was average.  As a matter of fact, one of my professors, assured me that I would be successful, if I continued on with my creative writings.  So….along with my passion to see women rise above their yesterday, I began to fuel my vision through writing.

Pushing everyone’s vision, is something I had grown accustomed to doing.  It was like 2nd nature for me. While selling Avon, that’s what I was doing – pushing their vision.  I’m not blaming Avon, but my desire to see everyone win, has caused me to now; have a change of heart.  I have pushed others for so long, that I forgot about my own dreams which needed watering.  No longer am I doing that at 100%.  It took a while for me to learn this, but I learned.  Sometimes the same people you’re pushing for, won’t even turn around and do the same for you.  They’ll watch you struggle to get one leg up!  Not offering one hand to help you (even though you did it for them).  Between seeing this and working with/for Avon, my thinking began to shift.  I was pushing Avon products, yet not making a reasonable amount of profit for my time & work.  We live in a time of technology, so in order to grab the attention of potential customers, I had to be innovative with letting folks know that I sold Avon.  Those innovative ways included making my own marketing tools (videos, ads, social media plugs, etc.).  It took time to do those things.  Delivering products to customers, cost me time & gas money.  Buying business cards, setting up at vendor spots, and the list goes on; cost me more money than what I had coming in.  Yes I know that in order to make money, you have to spend money, but I wasn’t seeing what I truly desired.  In order to become a leader within the company, you really have to hustle.  Hustling is perfectly okay, when you’re doing it for yourself!!

Putting myself out there is something that I’m getting used to.  No one is going to know what you do, if you don’t tell them.  Nevertheless, it’s hard to push yourself when there’s at least 6 million other sales reps doing & selling the EXACT SAME thing as you!!!  How could I find the motivation to sell, when what I’m presenting is something so common to the average person? Once again, I like Avon, but I wanted more.  The time and effort I am using to push for someone else’s company, can be used for my own company.  So that’s what I’m doing!!  I believe in what I’m creating.  I believe lives will be changed for the better.  I believe that this company is a part of the purpose in my life.  My creative writing will be a voice for so many people.  My tees, my books, everything that will come out of this company, will be of something in which many women, from many backgrounds can understand.  Somewhere, someone will see life differently because of my company.  Avon has always been known as the “Company for women.”  Your Beauty w/NancyCollins285 will be known as “The Voice for Women.”  Soon my company will be very well known.  I’m not boasting.  I’m just speaking the truth.  Now speak greatness over your own life and/or company.



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