Archive | June 14, 2017

Celebrate You!!!!!!!!!

I’m a huge believer in Celebrating You!!!  What I mean by that is, I believe in a person celebrating themselves! Celebrating themselves without waiting on someone else, to do it for them.

Too many times, we sit and let life pass us by, simply because we won’t see the greatness within us.  God did not create us to feel sorry for ourselves, and not love who we are.  Does it mean that we’ve reached perfection?  Absolutely not!  However in every single day, there should be something about yourself that you love!  Whether it’s the shape of your eyes, the color of your hair, your crooked right tooth, or even your dimpled butt!!  Just Love you!!!  Accept you!!

Today is my birthday – one of the best days of the year!!  I’ve been celebrating it since Sunday, and I plan on celebrating it for at least….. through the weekend!  Even after the weekend, I will still be receiving those belated birthday lunches, dinner, presents, and the famous “Happy Birthday” salute.  Why?  Because I feel like it!! Plus I grew up with my mom & grandmother who made sure that I was showered with love, presents, cakes, and affirmation – on my birthday and every other day!!  Yes I was blessed to have that type of family, but if you didn’t have that sort of family, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate you!!!

I’m here to tell you that you are somebody special.  No matter what mistakes you’ve made – you’re still special.  No matter how many folks may have walked out on you – you’re still worth it!!  Even if your parents abused you – guess what?  You’re still special, worth it, and you survived it!!!  From this point on, don’t let anyone rain on your parade.  You’re worth every piece of cake, every smile, every hug, every kind word. You deserve it, and it’s yours for the taking!!

Today I celebrate me.  I thank God for EVERYTHING, and I thank God that you’re here another day to read this blog, and celebrate with me.  I’m loving you to life!!!  Oh, and don’t when I dance = I’ll dance enough for both you and I!!




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