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It’s you or the ATM

It’s amazing how many men, think that most women, want their money.  You’d be surprised at the commentaries I read or conversations I hear.  Now it’s true that some women are professional gold diggers. They will dig into a guys pocket, to finance their entire lifestyle, and will do it without any ounce of remorse. This post is not about them!  Of course it’s nice to have a guy in your life, who will buy a present or two for the woman he loves.  Especially when she does so much for him.  However, a real woman is not looking for a man, to empty out his pockets every single week! A real woman wants the whole man!!!  Not his credit cards, extravagant trips, and ATM pin codes.  She can get that on her own, or do without it until later.

In my opinion, when a man is only dating and not committed/engaged/married to a woman, what’s in his pocket belongs to him.  Yes I know this may not be a popular topic or statement, but it’s something to think about.  Many women have placed their lives in danger or have lost their lives, simply by “playing a man” for his money.  They knew (from the beginning) that there wasn’t any real interest in the man.  Yet because he had great financial records, drove a nice car, and rubbed elbows with some of society’s elite, they dated the man.  Once the man finds out; she has played him, he goes ballistic!

Listen…..No one wants to feel used!!  It’s one of the most crappiest feelings in the world!  To have given your all in a situation, then to have someone step on it, doesn’t feel good at all.  Sad to say, I can somewhat understand why some guys become upset.  They were thinking that the relationship was going somewhere, only to find out; that in reality they were a human ATM!  Money has its role in everything.  It’s impossible to live without it.  Nevertheless I remain by my guns, and say that it shouldn’t be, the main reason for dating someone.

Consider these tips:

  • Whatever you were doing and however you were surviving before he came along, should still be a reality while dating him.  Don’t allow him to cosign anything, that you’re not willing to relinquish if the relationship doesn’t work out.
  • IF he so chooses to pay your bill, or just give you money, let that be completely on him. Not because you have your hand out, all of the time.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with him showing his interest, by lavishing you sometimes.  Just let him do it.  Make it perfectly clear where you stand.
  • If you’re not totally interested in him, leave him alone.  Don’t play games with a man’s heart. Because in the end, you may be the one to suffer (in a way you least expected).
  • Let him go, find what you like, and keep peace in your life.


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