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Sex and Roll Back Prices.

Allow me to get straight to the point.  SEX – it feels good!!  It’s one of the best gifts, given to mankind.  From centuries pass and even now, it has been enjoyed by many.   This same heart racing activity has brought many to its knees.  While empowering others, with an insurmountable amount of confidence.  This gift, if not used correctly can & will bring a curse.  It will destroy the happiest of homes, and turn a housewife into a neighborhood solicitor.  Many unsuspecting persons, have fallen victim to it.

SEX – the heart pounding, moments of pleasure, leg shaking activity, will have you thinking you’re in love.  A person who’s usually lost for words, will suddenly have a whole lot to say.  It’s a powerful thing.  It contains enough power, to destroy everything & everyone… it’s path.  From kingdoms, to tin roof homes, it can crumble it all – within a moment’s pleasure.  SEX – the kryptonite for many.

However, when it comes to dating in today’s society, many will use SEX as some type of sales pitch.  In other words, they will present it, as if it’s the high roll back sale at Walmart.  I can’t even tell you, how many guys I’ve run into, and that’s the FIRST thing they offer me.  You would think I had some invisible sign over me, which reads “Apply here, for all bedroom antics!”  And…….no I don’t fully believe in the “you are, what you attract” thought process.  Many times folks will just try you.  Personally speaking, there’s nothing about me that says hoe behavior, and I’m willing to bet that it’s the same scenario, with a lot of females.

Here’s a NEWSFLASH for the guys: a real woman is not merely interested, in the acrobats of the bedroom.  A real woman wants the opportunity to know the whole man!  Not just what’s in between his legs. As a matter of fact, it’s a turn off when it’s the FIRST thing offered!!  SEX is the easiest thing to get!!  Yet it’s the first thing that’s brought up in a conversation, after you say hi!!  Any woman who has an ounce of class about herself (no matter what her hormones are doing), won’t just settle for that alone.  A REAL WOMAN – WANTS THE WHOLE MAN.  The good, bad, ugly, and fixable….we want the total man.  Offering sex alone, is the cheapest thing to present to a woman.  There’s more to you than that.  There’s more value to you than that.  True enough, SEX can bring some comfort, but it shouldn’t be regulated as the spokesperson for who you are.  So fellas….. please, for the sake of us real ladies, do better!  In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.


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Your Words, My Pen!


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Chameleons Are No Longer Needed!

How many times, are you going to change; who you are?  Is change really necessary?  When chameleons change (their color) it’s for a purpose, such as to protect themselves.  But…….why do you change?

There was a question that was posed in a social media group, which sparked my interest.  Here’s the question: “Would you lose weight, in order to get the attention of a person?”  Some respondents stated that they would, while others gave a resounding NO!!  I will have to agree with the 2nd group of persons.  The reasoning is quite simple.  If you lose the weight to gain the attention of a potential mate, you’ll be forever altering your body/life for that person.  Plus, the alteration won’t stop with that person, it will continue on with every person you meet.  It’s perfectly okay to do it for yourself.

If the person whom you interested in, doesn’t like you in your current state that you’re in, then he/she is not for you.  Because ultimately, no matter how much you change, they won’t like you.  It is absolutely useless to change anything about you, for the mere satisfaction of someone else.  If you do it for yourself, that’s great! Go for it!  You deserve to be happy!!  Yet, if you’re doing it to please someone else, you need to put a stop to it.  Of course you want to put your best foot forward, when considering a potential mate.   Yet altering who you are, is not the answer.

Don’t set yourself up for rejection, because you’re making all of these changes that you think will draw the person in.  Be confident in who you are.  Change yourself and/or your lifestyle when necessary.  Not to impress someone, who probably won’t be there, in the morning after.


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