The Offer -You Can Refuse!

You know…….you don’t have to take the first thing offered to you.  Whether you realize it or not, you do have a choice in the matter.  If it’s a business deal, you have the choice of going forward with the offer that’s on the table, or walking away.  If it’s choosing to have a good day or a bad day….the choice is still up to you. Even in relationship situations or the like thereof, you have a choice of whether to stay, or walk away.  In either case, the decision is never easy.  No matter what you choose – it will inevitably affect your life.  Either positively or negatively.

Not so long ago I was propositioned (in a sexual manner) by a supposedly mature young man.  The proposition consisted of sex in exchange for more business for me (he would help my business to grow).   Long story made short, I declined – through much prayer and desire to keep my standards/respect, I walked away from the offer.  It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it!!!  I kept my dignity, gained more customers, learned a little bit more about business, and he eventually lost his business.  Side note:  when you get God involved in the affairs of your life, if you hold on, He’ll come through for you and the person/persons that came up against you, will have to reap what they’ve sown.  From that experience and some others, I’ve learned that you don’t have to take the first thing handed to you.  Listen: Ladies (and some gentlemen)……you don’t have to take the first, second, or third offer made to you- especially when it’s going to disrupt who you are!!


As I stated earlier, it wasn’t easy for me.  I had to really pray and fight against what my pockets and selfish desires wanted.  I’m a single mother, and more finances can always help me.  But not if it’s going to destroy the core of who I am, shatter my self-respect, or have my kids questioning my value….then it’s a “No!” for me.  When I stop to think about my life at that particular time, if I would have accepted his offer, how would my life be – right now?  Would I be any further in business?  Would I have any peace in my life?  In all truthfulness, I don’t think my life would be any better; than it is right now.  I would probably still be trying to set myself up as a successful business woman, and probably a single mother again.  Not to mention, fighting & fussing with him on a consistent basis (when you’re unhappy, you tend to argue a lot).

So in a nutshell,  make sure that the decision you’re making today, will have you feeling good about yourself on tomorrow.   Ask yourself: Will I be able to look at myself (respectfully) in the mirror on tomorrow?  Can I talk openly with my children about my decisions?  If you answered no, then don’t make THAT decision.  In the long run, it won’t be worth it.  You know you deserve and want more, so why settle?  Why accept an offer you could have refused?

Think about it like this, if one person can offer you a slimy deal, then surely there’s someone out there who can offer you the deal of a lifetime, and it won’t cost you your dignity.  Don’t settle for what you know your heart is not satisfied with.  There will be another business deal, another potential relationship, and/or another promising situation.  If nothing else, whether you have children or not, someone is watching you. Someone is depending on you to be that example they never had.  You are their motivation and hopefully this blog post, was a motivation for you.


Ms. Collins/YourBeauty285


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