Sex, Love, and Romance

There so much volume/meaning to this pic.  One could say that the woman is chaining herself to the man, or that the couple is chained together….forever.  As well; if you look at the expression of the woman in the pic, she’s giving her all in that moment, and maybe for future endeavors (with that man).  With that being said, can we say the same thing about Today’s Society?  Has society taught or encourage us, to give our all into a relationship?  Is it a common standard to just love one person?

I would venture out to say “NO!”  No, society hasn’t taught us to give 100% in a relationship.  Nor does society encourage true romantic love.  Selfishness has become the standard of meaningless relationships. Nowadays the majority of persons, what a quick fix – a “hit it and quit it” type of situation. Many are not looking for substance.  They’re NOT looking to date for the purpose of compatibility or marriage.  It has become an event of sexual expose’.  An event of “who can make who fall in love first” or better yet (brace yourselves)….who can reach an orgasm first!!  As a whole society, we have become increasingly selfish! Among many, there’s no real search for love.  Based on some actions, real love doesn’t even exist any more. At least not the real kind of love, that’s portrayed on the movie screen or heard in real music.  However the “I can get you, when I want you” type of attitude (no real/true feelings), have replaced the art of love.  It’s no more of getting to know, who the person is; that you’re interested in.  It has become an all out physical tournament.  People have now (openly) focused on the physical attributes rather than who the person is. Breast, hips, thighs, butts, shoulders, and sweatpants….that’s it.  No more of what makes a person, who they are.   Just jump straight into bed, no second thoughts to it. What has happened to us?  Have we become so vain with the purity of life, that we no longer value, what’s real?  Have we become so damaged by the carelessness of another person, that we’ve built up a wall around our hearts, where love can’t enter in?   Where has the love gone?  What happened to courting?

Running game has become a norm.  The men run it on ladies, and ladies have now mastered it. But why? Well….I think it has to do with keeping ourselves from feeling hurt – again.  Some of us have given our everything to a relationship, only to have it trampled upon by someone who didn’t even give us 50% to work with.  When others walked away, we stayed.  When others laughed, we cried.  While others were pursuing careers, we stayed and gave our heart in constructing his/her future.  Then one day – out of nowhere, we were hit with the “I don’t want this anymore” speech.  What??  What do you mean, you don’t what this? Sometimes it wasn’t even the choice of words spoken.  It was the actual absence of the person, to let you know that the relationship was not relevant anymore.   So with that in mind, the person who has been hurt decides to build this wall around his/her heart, where no one can get in.  Everything has become strictly physical, no emotions involved -at all.  Of course (in their mindset) catching feelings, is for the weak, soft, or sensitive. That would NEVER happen to them.  For they have closed off every avenue of emotions.  Just cold, callous, and manipulative.

DAMAGED.  That’s what’s out here on the dating scene.  DAMAGED people doing damaging things. Breaking hearts, misusing unsuspecting individuals, creating more individuals to join the unspoken crew of – DAMAGED.  Yeah, yeah, yeah….someone may try to argue this point, but it’s true.  DAMAGED people DAMAGE people!  Those individuals who are out here causing heart-break, drama, etc. haven’t come to terms as to why, they do what they do.  For if they would have done so, then they would not be repeating the same patterns.

If you know what it is like to have a broken heart, then you wouldn’t do it to the next person.  If you’re scared someone will do it to you, then take your time in dating someone.  It’s better to take things slow & prayerful, then to go 75 mph and have a head on collision.  Take your time, discover the person you’re interested in (not in a sexual way), and you’ll see things differently.  It’s not about the acrobatics of the bedroom, rather it’s about the acrobatics of the heart.  Learn to love again.  Learn to trust again.  True love is out there.  Search for it, wait for it, and when it comes – be real with it.

Ms. Collins/YourBeauty285


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