Boy……. Bye!!!!


I don’t know where this status originated, although it was reposted by someone on Instagram (noted in the pic). However, this statement is so true for many of us.  No, we don’t wake up with the intent to be mean, it’s just that the world is seemingly weighing on our shoulders.  We have one million things to do!  Kids to take care of, business moves to make, dinners to plan, bills to move around, and church functions to complete (to name a few).  So when that guy comes our way with the same ole, same ole -with the intent to mislead– we become frustrated and call it out!!


Of course we appreciate the compliments, but the little boy moves with the misleading undertones, is what aggravates us.  To say the least, for the average woman, the very comment of “You look so mean” becomes quite tiresome for us.  The games, lies, etc. is what has worn us out.  By the time a young lady has reached the age of 40, she’s heard it all.  So when some guy attempts to sway her with an age old line, her mindset is like “Really?  So we’re doing this again?”  Where’s the originality?  Where’s the honesty of heart?  Why do guys have to come up with played out lines, to gain the attention of women?  Why can’t they just be upfront, so we can get this over with?  As straight-forward as those questions are, I tend to think that; not many men can answer them.  Why?  Well in my opinion, it’s how generations before them have taught them.  Say this or that, to get what you want.  Not to mention that who they’re getting it from has feelings, hope, and desires.  It’s an attitude of “kill or be killed.”

What a real woman wants, is a guy who will take the time out to be real with her – BEFORE HE EVEN MENTION bedroom activities.  We want the true intent of your speech.  As quite as it may be, a real woman is tough enough to handle the real truth.  Of course we may shed a tear, but we’ll be alright.  Be truthful.  Don’t waste our time.  Stop lying, be upfront!!  Even if what the guy want is sex – be a gentleman about it, but at least be upfront.  Stop acting like you’re interested in our dreams, when the only thing you’re really interested in, is how we work in bed!!  Now there is truth that some women want nothing but sex.  However, you’ll never meet them, if you’re still playing games in the sandbox.  Grow Up!!!  Say what you mean and the right chic will show up!!!  Stop with the age old tradition of being a player.  You’re going to wind up, being an old guy at the Senior Center -without teeth, high blood pressure, and wondering what it could have been like, if you had of stop playing games a long time ago.  One the saddest things to see, is an old man still trying to run game (as if he’s in his 20’s).  Don’t be an old fool….grow up and approach us like grown men!!


Ms. Collins 2017




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