Stalkers Unite!!!


I made a joke about this on my personal Facebook page, some time ago.  I simply stated something like.. “Just stalk him, until he does want you.”  However, in all seriousness…DON’T DO THAT!!  Once you get the clue/notice or he actually tells you, that he doesn’t want you, your job is to LEAVE HIM ALONE!  Don’t degrade yourself, by keep hanging around, texting him, buying his lunch, and/or calling him.  It was his decision to not have anything to do with you, so let it stay that way.  It doesn’t matter, if you believe his friends influenced him to diss you.  That’s even more of a reason to not want to deal with him!!  He can’t even make a solid decision concerning you!!

You’re better than the “You wanna go out (after 8 pm)” date.  You’re better than the “WYD (What You Doing) – late in the midnight hour” text.  Stop devaluing yourself, just because one, two, or more guys decided not to date you.  There are approximately 7 billion people on the earth.  Now look up how many are in your city, and smile; because there’s somebody out there for you!!!  I don’t care what the statistics say…..for every woman, there’s a real man with real feelings – waiting for her.

Stop settling for anything, just because it’s breathing.  Take your time and wait.  The relationship won’t be worth it, if you rush into it.  Yeah…..I know you’re getting up there in age, but try and hold on.  Do you know how many cute guys, passed my way and tried to “holla?”  Yet I’m still single and in my 40’s (as of this posting).  It’s not that I couldn’t have someone laying beside me, aggravating my life.  It was the fact that I want more than what they had to offer (which in many instances was just sex).  Life is not over for you, just because you’re single.  DON’T SETTLE!  Ladies there’s a guy for you.  Fellas (if you’re reading this), there’s a lady for you.  There’s  someone who would love to hang out with you, eat your famous mac & cheese (that your family members hate), be a step-parent to your children, and even rub your toes.  Hang on in there. The guy ignored you.  That’s a part of life.  Move on!!  Don’t stalk him, chase him down, blow up his phone, or sit around waiting for him to change his mind.   Side note:  When you do that – then he knows he has you. He knows that whatever he does, you’ll be okay with it – because you sat waiting on him, to accept you. Don’t miss the one that’s for you, by making room for the one that’s meant for someone else.


Ms. Collins2017

*Scarred for Beauty/Scarred4Beauty*


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