Housewives & Barbie Dolls


The other day, I was talking to a male associate, who kept going on and on; about the beauty of the Reality T.V Housewives.  I listened, nodded my head, and smiled as he raved about the outer beauty of each woman.  Now before I go any further, let me just say…..there’s nothing wrong with a man admiring a woman.  Nothing at all!!  However as I continued to listen to the guy, I began to wonder …how many women feel less than their worth, when watching those reality shows and hearing guys, go overboard about such physical attributes?  The physical description of many of the reality housewives includes:  Hair weaves/extensions, extended eyelashes, premiere makeup application, small waistline, large breasts, perfectly rounded rear ends, well manicured hands, and perfectly lined teeth.  All of those attributes could make any woman, question her own attributes.  Yet, this past weekend when Rap Artist Remy Ma put Nicki Minaj on blast, I’m sure women of all natural attributes were cheering!!!


The blast in which I’m referring to, is the dis track Shethered that was released this past weekend, by Remy Ma.  No one had to guess who the person was that Remy Ma rapped about.  For she left no names out.  It was only one person, whom the track was created for.  That one person was Nicki Minaj.  nicki

Several points were made during the track, but I want to focus on one in particular.  Implants.

In today’s society it is not uncommon to see women with breast, butt, and lip implants.  For it’s plastered all over the television and movie screens, as well as magazines. Seeing ads with women showcasing their larger than life assets, can be a bit much for natural women, who may not be as large.  Of course let me say, this is not a blog post bash – against all women with larger assets.  Not in the least bit.  Just as smaller portion sized women did not have a choice in their size, many larger portion size women did not have a choice either.  We were all given the amount we naturally have, by God himself.  So the statements in this blog post, is in reference to women who have decided to add cushion, in such areas.

With all of what we are exposed to, we as women must learn to love ourselves, and be comfortable in the skin we’re in!!  Altering one’s physical body for the sake of acceptance, can lead to a life long session of pain. Years ago, (if I’m not mistaken) I heard Rosanne Barr state that “once you go under the knife, you’re forever going under the knife.”  That’s the part that many young & old women, don’t seem to understand.  There’s no such thing as getting implants, and that’s it.  Every so many years, the silicon or whatever is used, must be taken out and replaced by something new.  The reason behind it, is because it’s not natural tissue or body fat.  It’s SCIENCE!!  Science is what’s making up these larger than life breasts, booty and lips.  All of it is man-made, and anything that’s made by man….will fail at some point.

Change should only come, when we want it, and not for someone else.  That someone else could be a guy that you’re interested in, and he has told you that he like such things.  Or that someone could be another woman, who is receiving the attention that you so long for.  Either way, it’s unhealthy!!  To alter your body based on someone else’s desire, is not wise at all.  People change!  People are fickle!  They change every minute on the hour.    Bigger breast, hips, butts, and lips is not the total sum of who you are!  You’re way more valuable than that.

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?  How many cities have you visited within the last 12 months?  When is your next photo shoot, for your upcoming book?  These things are important, not your bra cup size or hip measurement.  Society has placed value on these things – but you shouldn’t.  Years ago, women concentrated on their families and building value with their sisters/friends.  Now we’re competing against each other….and for what?  Attention?  Whatever attention any woman may receive, due to her physical attributes, is only temporary.  So focus on those things that don’t expire.  Such as your education, career, family, health, money, etc.  Let the little girls argue over boys.  Let the little girls argue over physical attributes.  You just keep building and watch your value increase year by year.


*Scarred 4 Beauty*



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