Archive | February 20, 2017

After Valentine’s



So…..this time last week, women (and some men) all across various cities; were pretty excited.  In preparation for Valentine’s Day.  Nail & hair salons were packed, barber shops had a waiting list, roses were on every corner, and restaurants were preparing for one of the biggest nights of the year.  When the day finally arrived, couples flashed their pictures all across social media.  Flowers were delivered to homes & jobs. Babysitter’s earned extra money.  Now, what happened for you or what did you do?  Did you convince yourself that you didn’t need a man?  Did you go to bed early, because you were tired of the social media? Did you cry yourself to sleep?  Whatever you did…. that day or night has passed.  Today is Monday – 6 days later.  If you’re still upset about not having a significant other, or upset with your significant other – because of that day, there’s a huge problem.

Rear view of a couple sitting on beach with woman leaning head on man's shoulder

The substance of your being is NOT wrapped up in a holiday.  It’s not wrapped up into whether or not you receive an expensive gift, to showcase on social media.  So what that you didn’t have a boo, in which you could brag about!  Most of the people of social media, don’t have one either!  Lol  So what you had to watch your coworker, rave about the flowers they received!  She probably mailed them to herself.  Do you not understand that sometimes, the most happiest couples, hardly ever post a bunch of mushy stuff on social media?  Many times they keep it quiet, while the most miserable couples take pictures every other day.  Don’t let last week’s red, white, pink, & black extravaganza throw you off.

Yes, it’s a wonderful feeling to have that special someone in your life.  Every person desires that.  However, when you can take the time out to be miserable, over what is probably untrue, it’s a waste of the life you have. Until that man comes along, learn to be content.  Take yourself on a weekend trip.  Get together with your closest friend, and try out that new restaurant.  Save up your coffee money, and buy that piece of jewelry you’ve been eyeing for a while now.  Life begins when you learn to be satisfied with you!!!  That doesn’t mean to settle with least of things, or to put all men in the category of wasteful material.  It means, to love life each and every day.  Make the most of your weekends, and treasure the free time you have right now. Because whenever that man comes along, your weekends and “me time” will be combined with him. Everything that glitters, isn’t gold.  Be happy with your now, as you wait/prepare for your next.